RML04: follow,

by orphanage

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RML04: follow, by orphanage.

Two new audio collages are combined with orphanage's very first 2011 release. Minimal psychedelic guitar loops lay amid layers of archived sounds (i.e. washing machines, cassette crackles, colored noise) and patchwork prose (i.e. orchestrated found writing). Click each track for full lyrical content & individual imagery.



released October 26, 2014



all rights reserved


Recreational Mathematics Label Ypsilanti, Michigan

Rec Math is a small independent label based in Ypsilanti, MI, offering name-your-price digital releases. Contact us at recreationalmathematicslabel@gmail.com with inquiries or audio submissions.

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Track Name: has a wonderful day
The next few weeks: endless mornings; evenings tunnel 10 days behind. The past is fully sculpted, used, limited; time is worth even less than before: a few seconds raised, lowered, bringing tremendous odds; high weather expecting high trade, the latter recorded by touch.

Let her know the current; follow, offer, speak: "please change."

Demand ends.

We will work with you, take this snarl out: set these needs among letter, name, order; only offer reason (recently running about, exploring, expecting a show). Look slightly forward and enter, taking care and keeping what choice earns.

One must give, be capable, changed.
Track Name: vibrations
Birth is messy; we easily
forget this. The event
is presented & overcome;
it doesn't

The world is vibratory,
and not always smooth
in every vibration. Separated
by design, we need to raise
our vibrations; it is happening
already, is being realized.

Habits are dangerous: negative
reactions; eliminate this noise:
always act, stopping the motion,
dismantling them.

We all have a determined shape,
self-feeding & focused, uncluttered
& centered. We will never cease
to experiment; we continue expanding,
thinking we must keep our energy focused
on holding one thought
under any circumstances;

it is a reflex, a potentially destructive force
that drives & feeds us; it clashes
with progress;

everything we emit
disintegrates. Human life
largely through what we are
not capable of doing.

Only by watching a flower –
its smell, its colors, its
shape – shouldn't we recognize
what happens throughout time?
Something is

decomposes; at the time
of its construction (and its destruction) –
even if we cannot perceive it –
we see an evolution
towards more subtle shapes.

What can be seen?
Track Name: garbage dwellers
History is littered
to confront the limits of our language.

An architect, before creating,
uncovers herbals & bestiaries.

The Signs of Man:
as if
willing & inventive;

I’ve always been a bit suspicious,
a kind of springboard
translating already
(fire/electricity, plant/earth, rainbow)
the most basic forms of life;
everything to be alive in its own way --

the objects of this universe,
the internal logic of language & thought.

Flower & disappear
all domains of being.

Inventors of crazy machines:
the pollution of distances;

technology bends & exploits
those laws of nature
it cannot break.

The destiny of all writing
is to decay into dust --
a kind of amazement.