RML03: Petrichor

by J.T. Garfield

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RML03: Petrichor by J.T. Garfield.

Singer-songwriter slowcore for deep space. This solo release by the head of Ypsilanti's atmospheric rock quartet Truman is ripe with syrupy guitar chords, wispy lead lines and airy vocals. Following its title, Petrichor offers the sounds of a calming smell surrounding you, enveloping you, lifting you beyond the clouds from which it came.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Miguel Zuniga at Great Beard Studios. Produced by Miguel Zuniga and J.T. Garfield. "Ashes to Ashes" cover recorded for Fishbowl Recordings "Cover Me Up" compilation.

For fans of Bedhead // the Kadane brothers, Mazzy Star, Red Stars Theory, Low, Galaxie 500, Red House Painters, and more.



released August 8, 2014



all rights reserved


Recreational Mathematics Label Ypsilanti, Michigan

Rec Math is a small independent label based in Ypsilanti, MI, offering name-your-price digital releases. Contact us at recreationalmathematicslabel@gmail.com with inquiries or audio submissions.

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Track Name: Breeze
Rushing through the streets
Rustling soggy leaves
It's a lovely scent
It's that time again

Bitter black coffee
Zone out to t.v.
Kiss the chilly air
Try enough to care
Track Name: Cracked Streets
I know where I'm from
Cracked streets and sidewalks
Cold nights and warm hearts
It's like a loved one

My mind travels outward
Tells me to leave her
But where am I going?
Will I still need her?

You'll always ground me
One day you'll set me free
Track Name: Soil
It's never so cold
In a basement,
with your hopes up
We try and we try
For the faces, so they light up

Time after time
We will play this
But with no luck
It's all that we know
It will break us but we won't stop.