RML01: Kaleid

by orphanage

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RML01: Kaleid ep by Orphanage.

RML's inaugural release offers three new psychedelic instrumental loops from label founder Aa // orphanage. "flower of salt" and "two skulls" both employ spiraling banjo melodies embedded within sound collages incorporating found sounds and natural atmospheres, while "colorful ghosts" is a blown out casio keyboard loop that blossoms into two interlocking layers. Consider this a sign of sounds to come.

"flower of salt" and "two skulls" originally created for [abrilliantdrag] art collective blog, curated by Nicl Lin.



released February 19, 2014



all rights reserved


Recreational Mathematics Label Ypsilanti, Michigan

Rec Math is a small independent label based in Ypsilanti, MI, offering name-your-price digital releases. Contact us at recreationalmathematicslabel@gmail.com with inquiries or audio submissions.

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Track Name: flower of salt
When the weather changes, there will be another season,
but there will never be another that is better than this one.

Time moves between us
and we will never reconvene.
Track Name: two skulls
Two skulls are better off separated: they don't always agree on which way to go -- backs constantly being flexed, bending intimately, bridges without hands or lungs, nervous children missing skin, grabbing for each other's hand, scanning to determine if this world will recover.

They share one trunk, four pairs of fully developed words: (a) coward despairs without question; we are fascinating malformations -- we wallow & believe we are incomplete, are fused together, are rare. A small part of the body is duplicated, is shocked by two separate thalami, is anything but assured; no one would ever believe we see through each other's eyes, grabbing for everyday things: animals, organs, panic, disorder -- any resources still available.

These twins forget about tomorrow. They sleep at the same time, sitting up straight; their back suffers.

They wake up together somewhere between the background in a hospital & the news, equally strong powers; low conditions not conducive to a delicate & risky moment, a welcoming place for organs whose internal drive to work together has also been reported in others: facial features, human babies, girls' spines -- a common neurological connection, actually a coordinated structure, a foot often raised the entire day despite the uncertain moments designed to prevent connection between these twins.

Before settling in, we'll deal with another set of skulls: two sets of symmetrical brains wiggle in the air, suffering from a host of thalami pulling, scratching with precision & care, each fully developed; (but) we hope -- since they were born to us in only one day -- they could grow more connected, move together, laugh & play, have normal babies. With all these heads sharing one body and ears constantly pounding currents through each other, they often step into each other's dreams, sharing control, making it more difficult to make decisions as individuals. It also makes them impossible to separate. Do they regret how they survived?

We think of ourselves anything but uncertain, but usually we're 10 seconds too late. We are the only ones who can cause real problems, still exploiting this unique situation.